The .ZA leader of African extensions with over 1.17 million domain names.
On Friday November 30th, 2018

The .ZA leader of African extensions with over 1.17 million domain names.

Over the last decade, the African continent suffered from a technical delay regarding the Internet, but since a few years africa gradually compensate the gap thanks to the new means and structures deployed on this territory to increase internet coverage. Last year, the arrival of the .africa tld had marked a symbolic event for the digitalization of The Cradle of Mankind.

In 2017 the ICANN evaluated the african extensions market at $ 52 million with more than 5.1 million registered domain names. This number is mainly due to the 54 african ccltds capitalizing over 3.5 million domain names. We must highlight the performance of the South Africa registry Zacr which manages the,,, and .africa which cumulates over 1.17 million domain names or a third of African cctlds registration.

As a comparison, South Africa has 1.2 million domain names 57 million people, whereas in other African countries such as Nigeria, registry counts only 0.12 million domains for 170 million people. (source:

According to Lucky Masilela CEO of Zacr, the success of the .za results in the "triple R" method. By separating the functions and responsibilities of the regulator, the register and the registrars, the registry was able to focus on the commercial and marketing strategy of its tld, sold by more than 500 local registrars.

Today, .za has become an essential cctld for companies wishing to develop their activity in South Africa as explained by the CEO "Every leading local brand has to register a domain name or risk losing valuable IP and cyber real estate to competitors, speculators or worse” (source : Actually it seems that this argument is already relevant as 74.2% of the domain names registered by Zacr registry are based in south Africa.

Registrations by TLD 12/04/2018 :


; 1177531 22673
.africa 17239
.capetown 4766
.joburg 3250
.durban 2307 1877 1842


Victor JULIA

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