December new and upcoming extensions :  .PAGE .AI .FAN and .DEV
On Thursday December 6th, 2018

December new and upcoming extensions : .PAGE .AI .FAN and .DEV

This month, 4 new extensions will join our 800 extensions available to registrations month.

You will find in this article, their descriptions, their prices and finally their dates of availability.


The .PAGE :


This extension will be ideal for online portfolios, blogs, or if you want to highlight a specific page. In addition, know that .PAGE domain names are exclusively in https and are therefore synonymous with security for your visitors.


Price : EUR 12.00 / year (EUR 18.00)


Order & Information :



The .AI :


The .AI is the official extension of Anguilla, territory located in the Caribbean Sea, highly touristic because of its luxury culture, with its banks, its hotels or its lobsters. Note that this extension recognized by ICANN as cctld is commonly used as a generic for "Artificial Intelligence".


Price : EUR 60.00 / year


Order & Information :



The .DEV :


This tld allows you to communicate on your skills in software engineering, creation of sites / mobile applications, programming etc. It is also an extension that will serve companies focused on research and development! the .dev  requires an SSL certificates 


Price : EUR 12.00 / year - will be available in January




The .FAN :


Register your site in .FAN to launch your official fanpage if you have community or use this tld if you want to federate users around a theme!


Price : EUR 32.00 / year available from 12/12/2018 - 4:00 am UTC+1


Pre order & Information :





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