The latest discounts !
On Saturday September 1st, 2018

The latest discounts !

During September, take advantage of our newest discounts and develop your domain names portofilio !


The .EU,official domain of the European Union, is on sale all the month of September ! This tld will allow you to mark your membership to Europe and protect your brand on the continent.


Price : EUR 2.00 / year EUR 6.00



The .CO, this extension considered as the second version of .COM is on sale until the end of the year !


Price : EUR 12.00 / year EUR 24.00



.GLOBAL, launched in 2014 this tld can be used for all types of projects ! Enjoy our promotion from September 07 to September 14 !


Price : EUR 6.00 / year EUR 52.00



The .MX on sale throughout the month of September, is the official top-level domain of Mexico.


Price : EUR 8.00 / year EUR 36.00



The .CAT used to highlight the Catalan community / culture is on sale from September 03 to October 15 !

Price : EUR 5.00 / year EUR 24.00



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