Use .XYZ and .LUXE for cryptocurrency exchange!
On Tuesday October 30th, 2018

Use .XYZ and .LUXE for cryptocurrency exchange!

You probably have already heard about cryptocurrency, a monetary system used on decentralized networks operating in pairs.


To be able to operate transactions between virtual currencies holders (Bitcoin, Ethehreum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.) the user accounts are provided with a numerical address represented by a complex sequence of numbers and letters similar to an IP address. The length of this address can cause errors during exchanges, which can have prejudicial consequences when it comes to financial transactions.


Launch of a simplified addresses platform with the Ethereum Net Service :


To simplify these exchanges, a platform was created in 2017, the Ethereum Net Service (ENS) with its own extension : the .eth. This service offers ehterum owners a way to simplify their wallet address by having a new format like "name + .eth". However, the .eth can be used only on the ethereum blockchain, and is not recognized by the ICANN, therefore it won't work on the classic browsers.

Why choose the .LUXE . .XYZ ?


That's why two registries proposed to associate their extensions to this new address format. The .LUXE  "Let Us Xchange Easily" and the  .XYZ now allow you to use it as a conventionally domain name (website) and at the meantime as a simplified address for an ethereum wallet. Thus, people wishing to make transactions can use for example instead of f145dzsd379desx53s8s2a96rt.


.XYZ domain name : 2.00 € / year 

.LUXE domain name : Available on November 6th



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