Social : Checking domain names availability before choosing your child's name ?
On Thursday August 23rd, 2018

Social : Checking domain names availability before choosing your child's name ?

Online visibility is a daily task for most businesses, but over the time this goal extends to individuals and parents do not hesitate to anticipate the pace. A study realized by Onepoll on behalf of Godaddy shows that parents are increasingly choosing their little ones' name based on domain names availability.

The study was conducted on 2 samples of people :

  • 1000 parents from millennials
  • 1000 parents from generation X 

Here are the big trends !

Nearly one in two millennial parents considers it important for their child to have an online presence, compared to 27% for Gen X. In fact, 38% created or plan to create a website. for their children ( 20% for Gen X) !

The two main reasons millennials have for creating a website for their child are for job search and universities application.Indeed 1 on 5 millennials parents have already changed their babies name, based on domain names availability.

Parents from both generations are aware of the importance of digital identity for their children. 94% of those surveyed indicated that they plan to talk to their children about how to manage their online presence, especially with networks social I guess. 

Why do parents want to register their child's domain name before birth ?

  • 45% want to reserve their name for future use.
  • 42% want to use it as a digital baby book.
  • 42% want to use it as a tool to teach children how to use the Internet.

Asked about their own digital identity, millennials are more likely to have their own domain name / website ( 29%) than Gen X parents (17%).

My opinion 

It is undeniable that digital identity is clearly important for 18-35 year olds, however, is it really necessary to register childs domain names before their births ? Unless he or she is already dedicated to become a politican or a public figure, this practice may seems premature for future babies with more "normal" profiles.



Victor JULIA


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