Change on .IE registration requirements
On Friday February 23rd, 2018

Change on .IE registration requirements

Last September, we mentioned some possible changes regarding the .IE registration requierements. Currently, to register a domain name with the official top level domain of Ireland, you must fulfill 3 conditions :


  •  Prove your identity
  • Prove a real and tangible connection with Ireland : having Irish nationality, having an Irish company, having an Irish address, or trading with Ireland.
  • Show a valid "claim the name", which means to demonstrate that you have a real interest in registering this domain name ie the domain is related to your activity, your company or your market.

As of March 21, this third criteria will no longer be necessary and registration process will be simplified.

What does it change ?

It will be easier and faster to register a .IE domain name ! Registrations willl be based on the "first come, first served" rule. 

For .IE owners :

  • You won't have to explain why you want a particular domain name (show a valid "claim the name")
  • You won't need to re-submit evidence of connection with Irelande and proof of ID for the next .IE domains you may register, as you already own a .IE domain name. 

The only thing you will have to do is to give the existing .IE domain name !

For Irish future .IE registrant :

  • You won't have to explain why you want a particular domain name (show a valid "claim the name"). 
  • Only one document will be will be required as evidence of both your connection to the island of Irelande and evidence of personnal identity / commercial identity.

For non-Irish future .IE registrant :

To prove your real and tangible link with Ireland you will have to provide one of the following documents :

  • Trade invoices
  • Samples of press releases, or previously published marketing material.
  • Links to an applicant’s existing website where it shows that their products can be delivered / purchased in Ireland.
  • A signed letter from a third party solicitor, accountant or bank manager, confirming that you trade with clients in Ireland, or that you have a branch here.


If you are unable to provide one of these proofs our trustee service is available for EUR 25.00 / year and will allow you to register your .IE domain name.


Price : EUR 24.00 / year

Order & Information :


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