Capture what you want with the extension .CAM!
On Friday April 19th, 2019

Capture what you want with the extension .CAM!

Find out what you need to know about the  .CAM extension! An extension which is short, impactful and easily associated to the world of photography, video and image . 




The .CAM in accordance with a society increasingly image focused 



Roland Barthes said: "What photography reproduces to infinity only happens once."


It is in fact, the major paradox of photography, capturing the moment in a much more realistic way than any painting could, to grasp an emotion, a look, a landscape. Capture it and reproduce it indefinitely.

At least that was the purpose of many photographers but, today, haven't we all become potential photographers?
In an increasingly image-based society, our devices allow us to capture the present moment. We can also notice it by the multiplicity of tools with which we take photos, videos. From smartphones to webcams, everywhere we pick up bits of existence.
With the rise of social media, we are no longer simply trying to capture these moments, we are broadcasting them. These visual contents reflect our life, our unique vision of the world around us. So, from the paradise landscape, to the fun pair of shoes through our plates, images have become the most effective means of communication.

What are the benefits of a .CAM? 


No doubt the .CAM will suit many Internet users. Far from being an extension exclusive to professionals, it extends to whoever wishes to pursue with such an extension and thus allows everyone to realize his site in .CAM.


What are the advantages of such an extension?
With a .CAM extension you allow any visitor to immediately identify your activity or otherwise the theme of your website.
The .CAM is short, professional and easy to remember!


The .CAM is shorter than its cousin the .WEBCAM which only apply to the world of online image.


In addition, using a .CAM will improve your SEO by positioning yourself on a keyword directly placed in your URL.
It goes without saying that an Internet user looking for cameras will be more likely to follow a link in .CAM. A great advantage when we know that a click on organic search results means dollars saved in paid marketing - and that's a big win!


Available to order now 

Conditions: open to all 

Price€18 excl. tax/ year





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Are you a professional photographer?

You can also choose our extensions . PHOTO, .PHOTOGRAPHY, or .PHOTOS. A multiplicity of extensions allowing you to base your online presence on specific themes in accordance with your activity.
Don’t forget to acquire these different extensions simultaneously during your purchase in order to protect you from any cybersquatting operation. This approach of "cybersquatting" consists in wanting to use the traffic of website by diverting it to a URL resembling at all points from the one which user are diverted.


Available to order now 

Conditions: open to all 


Price€8 excl. tax/ year instead of €24 year




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Available to order now 

Conditions: open to all 


Price€20 excl. tax/ year




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Available to order now 

Conditions: open to all 


Price€20 excl. tax/ year




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The future of the internet lies in these new impactful domain names. They manage to give visitors a taste of your business before they even visited your website. Establish yourself as a leader in your industry by distinguishing yourself from your competitors and adopting the .CAM, the extension that captures everything you want!





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