Discount on British domain names during the "British Month" !
On Saturday December 1st, 2018

Discount on British domain names during the "British Month" !

In December, we celebrate the Great Britain and everything which comes with its culture : pudding, Tea, fish&chips, Marry Poppins !

More seriously, what we are proposing through our "British month" is to help our customers willing to develop and secure their brand in each part of Great Britain by registering their domain names for a cheap price. You probably have already heard stories about cybersquatting and its side effects regarding brands name, so you know how important it is to protect your company over the Internet. 

Domain names are a big part of that protection, thus if you already have a .uk domain name we recommend you to register it in Wales, Scotland and other territories of Great Britain.


That's why we invite you to take advantage of these offers untill December 31 :

.SCOT EUR 14.00 / year

.GG & .JE : EUR 26.00 / year

.CYMRU & .WALES : EUR 14.00 / year

.UK : EUR 8.00 / year


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