New extension dedicated to mobile APP
On Wednesday May 9th, 2018

New extension dedicated to mobile APP

Nowadays, who does not check his smartphone before sleeping, who does not use applications for his sport, his emails, his photos, his games and so on.? Neither us, nor you, or you are part of the 0.1% of the population which is not using mobile app on their smartphone.


With the rise of the mobile web alongside M-commerce, one of the logical consequences for the domain name industry is the arrival of the .APP !


Why register a .APP domain name ?


  • Give your future mobile app the success it deserves, find your future users now and federate your community around your idea by choosing the .APP. With this extension, bring them "behind the scenes" of your project before its launch and make them to be the future ambassadors of your mobile app!


  • Offer a mobile web version of your application ! Applications are increasingly developing sites dedicated to the internet mobile offering their user a choice of use, between the app and the mobile version. With your .APP domain name, no doubt for your mobile application has a mobile web version !


  • Win your visitors' confidence : A .APP site must be secured by using an SSL certificate, which means secure and the people know it well !
  • Enjoy the Google quality of service with an automated registration process !

Price : EUR 12.00 / year  EUR 16.00


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