Thank you for your 500 reviews, and let’s head for 1000!
On Thursday March 21st, 2019

Thank you for your 500 reviews, and let’s head for 1000!
We are happy of having just reached a new step, and we wish to share it with you.
You have rewarded our quality of service as well as our engagement towards you for the best possible value for money.


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500 reviews, a detail, you may think - but not for us!


In an ever more competitive world, it is important for us to know you are fully satisfied of the quality of our services. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a large company or even a reseller, you are unanimous and for that, we THANK YOU .


Netim has been operating for 15 years now, and we will never give in to the easy option of Low Cost services, if you ever were wondering about it.


Our customers will always be at the core of our concerns, and we will never sacrifice service quality for quantity.


A few announcements for 2019


As we already stated in the latest Newsletter, this year will see the launch of:


  • A new website
  • A new customer area
  • A new support site
  • A new blog
  • New hosting services offers
  • New e-mails solutions
  • Practical advice and market news related to domain names



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One last word


The final word is left to Bruno Vincent, founder and CEO of Netim:


« It is extremely satisfying for us to reach that level of excellence with such a number of reviews. Our efforts to always keep on delivering the highest quality of service with the most attractive pricing we can are rewarded every day by our customers.


The satisfaction and renewed confidence constantly refreshed they bring us is the engine that makes us keep on doing what we do. This success is the reflection of our rigor and hard work.


Thank you, customers from all sectors, and see you soon for the 1000! »


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