Donald Trump owns more than 3600 domain names !
On Tuesday February 28th, 2017

Donald Trump owns more than 3600 domain names !

Who knows better than politicians how hostile can the internet jungle be? Rex Tillerson, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean Luc Melenchon (French politicians)...The list is long ! As you have certainly seen already, internet users don't grant them any rest. The recent controversy over President Donald Trump positioned him as a prey for cybersquatters, and he is aware of it!

A CNN's survey has identified sites registered by the billionaire. Over the past 20 years, he has accumulated 3643 domains, and many of them include the word "trump" such as, or trumpnews. We also find his motto with and

We know that Trump is leading a fight with medias by denouncing "fake news". Because of his controversy he is the target of a strong criticism but apparently he has been protecting his image for a few years before becoming a politician. Indeed he did not only register common domains, he also acquired others more unusual ones such as,,, or even as the survey reveals. If this might seems excessive it is not meaningless, who knows what a malicious cybersquatter would do with these domains?

Since his first domain registered in 1997, his list of domain names represents an average of 182 registration per year ! If he is highly criticized on many points, he made a good naming strategy! Registering a multitude of domains including variants spelling of your main domain will guarantee you tranquility and avoid cybersquatting attempts. Believe those who have already been victims of fraudulent practices, a few tens of euros per year are worth it!



Victor JULIA

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