United States : Rex Tillerson, victim of cybersquatting
On Wednesday December 28th, 2016

United States : Rex Tillerson, victim of cybersquatting

Rex Tillerson (CEO of Exxonmobil) recently named as Secretary of State by Donlad Trump, seems to interest some internet users, or more especially his fame ! Like any self-respecting politician, he did not escape to the rite of initiation into cybersquatting and even typosquatting.

Someone acting on his name registered several domains such as RexTilerson.com, RexTilllerson.com (with 3 "i") and RexWTillerson.net, certainly to resell them after. Why did this user made mistake when he wrote "Tillerson" ? This is simply to reproduce typos that can be committed by users, so as to capture traffic based on frequent errors, this strategy is called "typosquatting".

You may think that as long as "Rextillerson.com" is in his possession, there is nothing too serious but unfortunately for him this is not the case ! As we can notice on Whois, the domain Rextillerson.com was registered on December, the 11 while RexWtillerson.com on the 13th. From now on, the Secretary of State is completely exposed to criticism and loses lots of credibility, another one you forgot about his naming strategy !

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