New offers on SSL certificates
On Tuesday October 31st, 2017

New offers on SSL certificates

Browsers are gradually defining the https protocol as the new standard for web navigation. A non-https website that contains input forms will automatically display a security alert to the user.

Our SSL certificates issued by the Comodo Certification Authority will allow you to :

  • Gain the confidence of your visitors by certifying your website identity.
  • Protect your visitors and customers data
  • Optimize your SEO

We know that each customer has a unique need, which is why we have expanded our offer through 8 products, selected according to your expectations.


A offer of each need 


We provide 3 kinds of certificates :


  • Single domain (from 12.00 EUR) : Allows you to protect one domain name.
  • Wildcard (from 96.00 EUR) : Allows you to protect one domain name and its sub domains. 
  • Multi-domain (from 36.00 EUR) : Allows you to protect several domain names. 


A product of each budget


We provide 3 levels of functionalities :


  • Standard offers are the most economical, they provide basic features for each type of certificate.
  • Professional offers have superior warranty and compatibility.
  • Premium offers have the extended validation "EV" which allows the display of the green bar, similar to the one visible on sites such as Paypal.


To order your SSL certificate go on this page or contact directly our sales team at to discuss with our specialists what is the best product for you. 


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