New payment features
On Thursday November 9th, 2017

New payment features


We have updated our payment system to allow you to save your means of payment and simplify your transactions.

Through your customer account you will now be able to :

  • Register several credit cards (up to 5).
  • Set the cards in order of priority for automatic payments.

Registering a Credit Card will allow you to :

  • Choose a saved payment method for each order without having to re-enter the credit card data.
  • Pay automatic renewals with your credit card. Before this update, automatic renewal payments were made using the credit available on your NETIM account.
  • Set-up an automated credit payment as soon as the balance is below a defined limit. You will no longer need to reload your account manually.

Currently, this new payment system is only available for bank cards. To keep on providing you the best customer experience, we are working on the integration of new payment methods including Paypal.

Regarding the security, data are not stored at NETIM but in the bank system.

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