How to make your affiliation profitable ?
On Thursday March 30th, 2017

How to make your affiliation profitable ?

The commission plan :


Affiliation is one of the most widespread way over the Internet for companies to develop their notoriety and to allow a third party to make some extra money. This basically is a win-win exchange


There are many affiliate models depending on the nature of a site and its audience, that's why affiliation platforms started to arrive on the market these past few years (they usually target large companies which prefer to outsource this service or have homogeneous conditions). The majority of affiliate programs are based on a commission system which can be quite different depending on the advertiser.


There are two kinds of remuneration : commission-based and the fixed compensation. However the majority is based on commission systems which highly vary depending on the advertiser. You will need to get as much information as possible concerning the attribution and commissions chart. You will also need to set a tracking model to evaluate if the partnership is fair and profitable. 


The general conditions :


Affiliation may seems complicated at first for people interested to embark on this type of partnership, but it's actually simple. Advertisers propose different approaches to be shown on your site for a duration that you will define together. Most affiliate systems are based on no-commitment contract, only a month's notice will generally be applied. This will allow you to remain flexible and to maintain your independence toward the advertiser.


  • a simple link or banner (redirecting to the advertiser's website)
  • a complete section on your website introducing one or several services
  • a search engine on your website
  • an article written on your website
  • messages posted on social networks


This presence on your site will allow the advertiser to gain buyers via your audience. Through this traffic you will be remunerated by using an affiliate link placed in the URL which will trace visitors from your site to the advertiser's one. Thus each sale generated via your website will be identified and will allow you to be paid proportionately.

Choose a model which respect your graphical charter and make sure you agree with the advertiser on the duration of the partnership.

The efficiency :


To ensure a return on the time invested for the affiliation, you must ask yourself 3 questions :


- Is your audience large enough to bring traffic to another website? Although affiliation is quite fast to establish it is always wise to ensure the usefulness of the partnership regarding your visibility.

- Do the affiliate's services / products have a link with your content ? A gym will never make advertising for Mc Donald, it goes the same way for you. Make sure your visitors can have an interest in the advertiser's product, this will allow you to bring sales quickly. If we take NETIM's case; a site dealing with domain names, web hosting, cyber security or even SEO will potentially bring us more traffic than a giant like Ebay despite a much more smaller audience.

- Do you share the values of the advertiser ? A banner or an article do not have to overstep on your site's image, make sure the enterprise you advertise for is reliable and doesn't impact your reputation. A site cluttered with advertising, deteriorates the visitor experience if it's too intrusive and your site will soon be loosing its audience.


Once you have defined these 3 aspects you will be able to quickly make this partnership profitable.


Testimonies :


You will easily find online articles comparing affiliate offers for different advertisers in several sectors. This will allow you to save time and to know the average ratios you may expect from your affiliation (conversion rates, average commissions, delays...).


Here is an extract dedicated to NETIM from an article exposing the best / worst affiliate programs (rated from A to F). This article has been realized by a domain registrars comparison site, paid exclusively by affiliation.


" Netim = A+

Netim is a French domain registrar that pays commissions in euros via Paypal. The earned commission varies by TLD, but on average seem to be about 10%. Minimum payout is €50.


  • Commissions are earned on all purchases the referred customer makes within 30 days.
  • No Paypal fee is deducted from your payout.


  • You have to manually generate a report once your earnings exceed €50, and then open a support ticket requesting to be paid to your Paypal account. But Netim usually makes the payout within 1 business day.


Netim has a large selection of ccTLDs and gTLDs with very good prices, so again, it's not too difficult to refer customers to their service. "


To read the full article click here


NETIM convey transparency with its future collaborators, that is why we publicly provide our commissions chart available with the link bellow :


If you want more information about our affiliate program click here.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us directly at




Victor JULIA

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