.SK liberalization
On Friday September 1st, 2017

.SK liberalization

Last month, we published an article about a possible change of governance towards the .SK registry. This results in the end of the paper procedures and a simplification of registration conditions, to adopt the European standards.


What does change ?

  • Geographical restrictions 

.SK registrations are no longer restricted to Slovaks, the owner can be domiciled in Europe or in countries of the European Economic Area.


List of the countries : http://support.netim.com/en/wiki/Countries_dot_sk


  • The registration process

Domain names adopt a simpler life cycle, from now on .SK domains can be registered from 1 to 10 years (it is possible to renew its domain during 40 days after the expiration). It is no longer necessary to have an SK-nic handle to register a .SK, and there is no more paper procedure.

  • Additional service 


Pricing : EUR 12.00 / year EUR 24.00 / year


Order & Information : https://www.netim.com/domain-name/sk-domain.html



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