.VN is the 7th most registered national extension in Asia.
On Monday December 4th, 2017

.VN is the 7th most registered national extension in Asia.

The VNNIC (Vietnam Internet Center) recently released a report regarding the statistics of the .vn, the official top level domain of Vietnam.

Today, this cctld is the 7th most-registered domain name in Asia with over 420,000 domains.Considering the .vn repartition, only 4.42% (ie 18680 domains) comes from overseas, the rest is mainly from the Northern part (43.62%) and Southern part (45.02%) of the country. In 2017, more than 118,000 new .vn domain names have been registered.


While these statistics may seem trivial compared to those of the .cn for China (over 20.8 million domains), the .IR for Iran (934244 domains) or the .IN for India (over 1.8 million domains), they remain encouraging in view of its digital development delay. If we compare these numbers population densities it appears that the .vn has a higher average than some of its neighbors yet more widespread.


  • China (population approximately 1.380 billion): 1 .cn domain / 66 people
  • Iran (approximate population 80.28 million): 1 .ir domain / 86 people
  • India (population approximately 1.324 billion): 1 .in domain / 717 people
  • Vietnam (population approximately 92.7 million): 1 .vn domain  / 221 people

In addition, the attractiveness of countries such as China for many foreign companies and entrepreneurs who capitalize a high percentage of .cn domain, must be taken into account.

As such if you want to register your domain name in .vn there are no restrictions.

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