Domain name industry : The shocking figures of December 2017
On Thursday January 4th, 2018

Domain name industry : The shocking figures of December 2017 the most expensive domain name on sale of the year?


Few weeks ago, the domain name became famous over the internet specially in the domain name industry. Registered in 1988 this domain name had different holder before being offered for sale for $ 20 000 000 almost 30 years later! A huge amount which is justified by the strategic aspect of this url which is without any doubt the best address for poker sites. This domain name outperforms all its predecessors in terms of monetary value, the most expensive recorded so far were about $ 1,000,000 for (bought by Betclic) and for $ 695,000.

However, if by January 31 there is no buyer this domain name will be auctioned. This proves in any case that the .com remains the flagship extension, since as noted here for the same domain "poker", the .com version is much more expensive than the .fr and .de. 

Verisign recently released its report regarding the domain name industry, and here are the big trends!


The TOP 3 most registered extensions.


Generic tlds:


1 st : The .com, remains unbeatable with 130.8 million registrations.

2nd : The Net with 15 million.

3rd : The .org with 10.3 million.


Country code tlds:


1st : .CN (China) with 21.4 million.

2nd : .TK (Taukelau) 19.1 million.

3rd : .DE (Germany) with 13.3 million.


330.7 million domain names registered!


regarding the distribution, cctlds represent 144.7 million domains name or 43.8% of the global registration. For the gtlds, they keep increasing their market share with 21.1 million domain names. The.XYZ remains the most registered gltds, despite a significant drop. After reaching almost 7 million domain names between July 2016 and April 2017, it is now stabilizing with 2,645,000 domains followed by the .LOAN (2,228,000) and the .TOP (2,226,000).

A cctld increases its registrations by 41.6% in .... 1 week!


That's the case of the .UZ, the official domain of Uzbekistan extension launched in 1995 ! During the month of December, this cctld registrations went from 36000 domain names to 51000 in one week!



Victor JULIA

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