The most expensive domain names of 2016
On Wednesday January 4th, 2017

The most expensive domain names of 2016

As you may saw have seen in other articles, domain names can sometimes reach quite impressive price. But you will see that everything is relative ! In this article we picked you up the most expensive domains of 2016.

Through this exhaustive list you will notice that it is not only the .com domains which are coveted ! sold $ 17,100 : Difficult to know why this domain reached could such an amount, certainly that "zz" must have a specific signification for its owner. sold $ 22,500 : This website is dedicated to helping startup, but it doesn't bring to the same website as sold $ 75,000 : This is a strategic domain name as it contains specific key words "web hosting", combined to the most popular extension. sold $ 65,901 and his big brother sold $ 70,000 : It remains a mystery ... sold $ 120,000 and $ 160,000 : The adult movies industry is a growing business and  domains prices are affected in consequently. I think the ".live" must also be a really coveted extension in this sector ! sold for ... $ 800,000 ! This site helps you to find the cheapest flights ! The former name of this company was "skypicker", I guess it wanted to reserve the domain in the meantime. But when you want to use your brand as a domain name, you have to be willing to pay the price. sold for $ 1,200,000 : I will be tempted to say that this is Los Angeles, but the site does not give any information !
The great winner of this year 2016, the domain sold for $ 1,250,000 ! It is the site of the company CDN Jade Mine Resources, specialized in mineral extraction and more precisely Jade (it is a beautiful green stone used for jewelry and sculptures).
You now understand better why some Internet users are specialized in buying and reselling domain names ! We will never say it enough, but register your domains as soon as possible, this will avoid you to pay such sums of money :)
Victor JULIA

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