Domain closing : The case of Belgium and UK
On Tuesday January 17th, 2017

Domain closing : The case of Belgium and UK
Sometimes, domain names get closed if they don't match respect the registry rules. But are they exeptional cases ? 
The Case of Belgium
Belgium is leading a fight against illegal content. During 2016 DNS Belgium closed 3209 domains, with 720 after the request of the authorities. Since more than six years, this organization controls domain names registration, especially by using whois services. Indeed, it happens that Internet users use false information to make their registrations.
The case of England
The United Kingdom's situation concerns more than 8000 domains since November 2015. The reason why Nominet (the local registry) suspended these domains is link to their illegality. But what do they call illegal? All domains related to a sexual offense or with criminal purposes are prohibited. Police and Law Enforcement Agencies can lift the suspension or not, after examination of the complaints. Fortunately, this represents only 0.08% England's domains.
However, domain suspension does not always come from official organizations. Sometimes it can come from an owner who wants to close his own domain, or to suspend someone else's domain. By the wat if you are interested in registering a or a .be domain check our domains list ! 


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