The domain name life cycle
On Monday February 5th, 2018

The domain name life cycle

This article aims at explaining the key steps of domain names life cycle and when you should be careful to don't lose your domain name !

The registration


A domain name will never be your property ad vitam aeternam, you are considered as its owner only for the agreed registration period (ranging from 1 to 10 years). During this period, you have all the rights with this domain name and no one else can exploit it. However, be careful not to violate the terms of use of the tld Registry or the registrars in which case you could lose the domain. At the end of this registration period, comes the renewal.


The expired period


According to the registrars, reminders are sent (1 or 2 months in advance) to warn you that your domain name will expire soon and avoid you to miss the renewal. Indeed, it can be very problematic, especially for worldwide brands, which often face cybersquatting situations. To avoid this kind of situation NETIM notably provides an automatic renewal service.


However, if you forget to renew it, you have a second chance to keep your domain name.


The restoration period


This 3rd step is divided into 3 steps during which sites pointing at this domain are made inaccessible.


The redemption (grace) period


This step can last up to 45 days, allowing you to renew your domain name with no extra cost (even though you have exceeded the expiry date).

The redemption period


During this step (usually 30 days), the domain name is blocked, but you can still renew it but you will have to pay additional charges. This is the last moment where iyou can still recover the domain name.


Pending delate period


This final step, no longer allows you to renew the domain. It is basically a five-day technical delay before it gets released into the public sector and finally reaches the end of its life cycle.


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