Change on .IE registration requirements
On Friday February 23rd, 2018

Change on .IE registration requirements

Last September, we mentioned some possible changes regarding the .IE registration requierements. Currently, to register a domain name with the official top level domain of Ireland, the applicant must fulfill 3 conditions :


  •  Prove his identity
  • Prove a real and tangible connection with Ireland : having Irish nationality, having an Irish company, having an Irish address, or trading with Ireland.
  • Show a valid "claim the name", which means to demonstrate that he has a real interest in registering this domain name ie the domain is related to the applicant's activity, his company or his market.


As of March 21, this third criteria will no longer be necessary. Thus, it will be easier to register a .IE as the registrant will only have to prove his link with Ireland. For your information, there are various ways to justify a connection with the country, contact our sales team for more details. 

Price : 21.50 £ / year

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