The word "amazon" was the most present in .COM domains registered last month
On Wednesday January 18th, 2017

The word "amazon" was the most present in .COM domains registered last month
Verisign recently made a report showing the most used words for the .com and .net domains. 
During the period from December to January the word "amazon" was at the top of the list, followed two places down by "fake". But why would people register domains containing "amazon" ? Except for the domains referring to Amazonia and those reserved by the official company Amazon, I guess there is a big part of cybersquatting. Internet users might be trying to usurp the identity of the group as it happened few months ago with the Vinci group . If we look at the domains we can find domains such as, and many others. Over the period November to December it was the name "trump" which appeared as the most popular for the ".com". The tool called verisign domain view allows people to look at the most popular words for .com or .net domains.
Here is the top 10 of the most common words for the .com domains during the last month !
1 - Amazon
2 - Lawn
3 - Fake
4 - Sold
5 - Broken
6 - Bone
7 - Museum
8 - Certified
9 - Puppy
10 - Member
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