The domain name now belongs to Apple
On Monday March 20th, 2017

The domain name now belongs to Apple

Apple which launched its cloud service in 2011 recently obtained the domain name but not from a registrar..


Apple already has an impressive array of domain names to protect its identity : Among them, 170 domains linked to their could service were purchased in 2011 such as,, etc. ( But even with this collection, some domains are missing and that's the case of held by an Asian social network. This represents a real problem for Apple especially when we think that the .net is in the top 5 most recorded extension.


It seems finally that Apple finally found an "agreement" since Tong lei, the owner of the social network posted a message announcing that "All user data will also be destroyed on 1 March 2017" in Februry 2nd, which means the social network will close its doors. People may think " How did Apple get the domain ? " I guess mr Lei's goodwill has been likely motivated by a nice envelope to facilitate the decision-making process. However, the amount paid by Apple to get the domain name was kept secret, but I think it should be a  6 or even 7 digits number when we know that the company already bought 5.2 million dollars.

However for a billionaire business, all means are good to avoid cybersquatting attempts !


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