.TEL domain name : important news
On Friday March 3rd, 2017

.TEL domain name : important news
This article is dedicated to people who with to register a .tel domain name. Until now, .TEL was not a classic extension. Indeed, its use was restricted to the publication of contact information into the DNS and online business card  which could be created via the interface provided by NETIM. 
So you could not use a .TEL domain to host a website and use the DNS servers of your choice.
As of 13-03-2017, restrictions are lifted and you will be able to use it like any other domain name. Thus it will be possible to use the name servers of your choice and to host a website.
That said, if you wish, you will be able to access the new platform for online content publication with your .TEL domain. This platform is operated by the .TEL registry itself and its use is optional and free.

Current .TEL owners have received communications regarding this news so they can transfer their current published content on the new platform. 
  • Publish contact and content records
  • Add PDF documents
  • Add Promotional product/service offers
  • Add Images and Video
  • Sell Products and services via a PayPal interface
  • Add custom design
  • Add an image advert
  • ...


For more information click here to visit our .tel page :) 


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